Sunday, April 27, 2008

The face that Only a Mom ... and grandma... can love

Dear Grandma,

Look what I did! Still want me? Well I am coming June 1-7!! Happy looking!!

Love Bubba

Have you noticed. Ty doesn't look like any of the other cousins. Max and Koy look alike, Kayden looks like dad, Lexi is her mother and Morgan like mom.. My kid... Black sheep?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This list was sent by a preemie mom and I found it hit the spot for where I am today/week.

I was thinking of a little list of what preemie parents do and don't deserve:
We do deserve:
1. Lots of hugs and support
2. A pat on the back once in awhile
3. To put ourselves first
4. Movie night!!!
5. Date night!!!
!6. To be pissed off
7. Good shows on TV
8. Down time
9. A good book
10. A hot fudge sundae
11. A break from the kids
12. To vent
13. To be angry
14. To be angry at God

We do not deserve:
1. To have people tell us that you need to be strong for your kids: HELLO!!! Like we're not strong for our kids???!!!!!
2. To have people tell us that the situation can't be helped and you just have to deal with it: HELLO AGAIN!!! Yes, it CAN be helped and no we don't have to "DEAL" with it. Sometimes parents need a break. This isn't the middle ages here people! We don't exist just to be miserable. We are human beings and we need to be happy. We just do. Sometimes we need to just have time for OURSELVES!!! !!!!
3. Judgment! ESPECIALLY when people haven't been through what we have been through
4. Those odd NICU nurses who don't "play well" with parents: I am sure that you all have at least one or two of those. You know the ones who usually pick those shifts (usually graveyard) so they don't have to deal with the parents. Well, HELLO!!! Parents come in at all hours!!! If it were me I'd fire 'em. No offense to all the wonderful graveyard NICU nurses though
5. To have our kid(s) die.
6. Well, any of this to be quite frank... we did not deserve to go into labor early, we did not deserve the long NICU stay, the multiple baggings, etc.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The same old stuff

Life is busy busy in the warm sun! The weather is turning warm and is sometimes a little to warm for my fair haired little man.

Things we have been up to:
  • Park
  • Park
  • playing in the hose
  • playing in the sand box
  • playing with rocks
  • playing with Barney

I have taken a back burner to his therapy for right now. Sometimes it just gets to be to much for me. Don't get me wrong we haven't given them up completely we have stopped going three days a week to one and have cut down to 2 PT sessions a week, Speech and OT and we still go to "school" and have an eye therapist. So yeah... Mom was getting to much.

Sometimes a person needs some time.. ya know!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Sissy

Happy birthday sweet Lexi! 8 years ago my bestest little bud came to our family. She was such a cute little girl and I loved taking care of her EVERYDAY!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Love NANA and Bubba and uncle D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hugging my baby a little closer tonight

On April 10th a fellow friend lost her baby in a tragic accident. He was a little younger than Ty and I am just heartsick for this mom! She is such a great mom and is so strong and has great faith.

From her message: On Thursday I put the kids to sleep for their nap in the afternoon. When I went to check on them a couple hours later, I found Keelan at the foot of Ellie’s bed pinned against the very small space between her mattress and the bars. He suffocated. I could tell the moment I saw him that he was gone, but I of course panicked and screamed and called 911. The fire department and paramedics worked on him for quite some time but there was nothing they could do. It has been the hardest 4 days of my entire life. Unexplainable pain, and yet joy knowing I’ll see my little boy again.

As a plea to all of you parents, if your child happens to have a twin bed with any spaces either against the headboards or foot boards or even against the wall, fix them immediately. Put blankets or pillows in it or get rid of the bed completely. I wish I had known and hopefully that plea will save another child’s life.

I am loving on Bubba a little more tonight and have been a little more tolerant of his sad times and cherishing his wonderful personality a little more.

Keelan and Megaroo you are in our Thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow and in the weeks to come.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Holy Toddlehood!

My Monkey is getting so big and we are absolutely amazed at how great he is. He is so amazing and so much fun.

He was the recepient of 20 new Barney Videos. Thanks eBay!

He is looking so BIG! We are amazed out how he acts and how big he LOOKS!! He is looking like a toddler.. A real Toddler.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I will never be the same

I am heartbroken tonight. Hopefully something will come about and I can fix it.

This article was sent to me.. I really enjoyed it. I know I will never be the same.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Need I say more!! How cute is he!

Turn up the volume for this one....

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Sorry about the singing on my part...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Another installment

Although he doesn't eat a lot, when he eats he wears it all!! He is getting to be such a big kid. What will we do when he is all grown up!!