Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dear moms,

Dear moms,

Dallas is starving and going to die. I have tried for 2 years now. I just can't do it. I have failed. I have done all in my power to make it work. I JUST can't.

See... things start on fire. They do. Its not my fault.

Please send cookies and things I can make in the microwave!

No... Just cookies....... and chocolate!!

The domestic dummy!

The picture is of bread sticks. The kind that come in the box.. ya know that you broil.. or put in a toaster oven... They burned... and started on fire.


Grandma Brown said...

If Dallas was really starving...He would have ate them! :)

Grandma Labrum said...

OK, it is time to change this. The bread sticks are getting hard as rocks. I am ready to see something else.